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Classroom Buildings

We have built 2 classroom buildings for the Kaun Khlong Primary School. The first building, completed in 2011, has 5 classrooms. It is the first building at the school to have electricity for lights and fans. The building is named Man Seourn's Dream, in honor of our Cambodain friend who lives in San Diego and has been the inspiration for our work in Cambodia.

The second building, the Siskowic Learning Center, was completed in 2015. It has 3 classrooms. One of the classrooms is the school's media center and language lab.

Kaun Khlong Primary School
The 5-classroom building completed in 2011
Kaun Khlong Primary School
The 3-classroom building completed in 2015
Video of School

To see a short video of the site preparation for the first building, click here.
To see a video of the dedication of the first building, click here.

Our next school construction project is for Prey Touch Secondary School. This is the school where graduates of Kaun Khlong Primary School go, starting in grade 7. It is a middle school, covering grades 7-9. The two existing building are stretched t the limits. Although the exising buildings are delapidated, the highest priority for the community is more classroom space. We will build a classroom building similar to the 3-room building we built at the Kaun Khlong Primary School.

Prey Touch Secondary
Prey Touch Secondary School
Prey Touch Secondary
Building in need of repairs

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