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Cameron Siskowic, President of Marketing

Cameron Siskowic, a former NFL football player, is an entrepreneur and philanthropist. He has dedicated his life to philanthropy and has personally made large donations to the Cambodian Village Fund. Cameron's efforts have accounted for a large portion of our revenue from other donors. Cameron has visited Cambodia many times (at his own expense), frequently bringing family and friends along. Inspired by his father, Dan Siskowic, who passed away when Cameron was in high school, Cameron says, “My only goal in life is to sacrifice and give to this world as my father did to make it a better place.” Cameron initiated the Safe Drinking Water Program that has provided drinkable water to over 1000 families. He has personally donated $30,000 to the Cambodian Village Fund and has accounted for an additional $300,000 in donations.

Cameron Siskowic Cameron Siskowic

Cambodian Village Fund Co-Founder, Nancy Bamberger, on Cameron

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