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Photos by 6th Graders Welcome to My World. Photos taken by 6th graders at the Kaun Khlong Primary School, January 2013 Chris Hassett Chris Hassett benefit concert, April 2010
Rebuilding the Road Rebuilding the road to the school, March 2012 Jewelry Two artistic friends donated jewelry the made to sell at our fundraiser in June 2009.
Building the school Constructing the School, April 2011 Yoga Fundraiser

Yoga Fundraiser, March 27, 2010

Building the  School Constructing the School--Groundbreaking Ginger Allen Ginger Allen's trip to the Village November 2009.
Chan Sokhum Chann Sokhom, the first girl we are sponsoring with our "Reach for the Sky" program. Trip to Village, 2008 Bill and Nancy's trip to the village, January 2008
Primary School Children at the Kaun Khlong Primary School, June 2010 Bikes Man Seourn delivers bicycles to villagers, October 2006
Playground Equipment Kaun Khlong Primary School Children enjoying their new playground equipment. 40th Anniversary Bill and Nancy's 40th Anniversary Party (the beginning of the Fund), September 2006
Olympathon Olympathon at Skyline School, May 2010 Temples Nancy, Bill and Ginger spent a day with our Cambodian friends at the Buddhist Temples in San Diego, January 2010
BBQ Cambodian Barbecue to celebrate our successful benefit concert, May 2010    

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Rany Singing Rany, one of our scholarship girls, singing on the bus to Wat Banan.    
Kaun Khlong Party Reach for the Sky girls singing at a party in Kaun Khlong Village, January 2015. Sreysity, grade 11, is the lead singer. Kaun Khlong Party Reach for the Sky girls singing at a party in Kaun Khlong Village, January 2015. The featured singers are Sokhom and Sreynav.
Trip to Cambodia Trip to Cambodia, January 2012 School Dedication Kaun Khlong School Dedication, January 2012
Chris Hassett Chris Hassett Sings the Cambodian Village Fund anthem--"We are the Village", 2010 Trip to Kaun Khlong, 2008 Our trip to the Village, 2008
School Site Preparation Land filling for the classroom site, 2009 Distributing bicycles Distributing bicycles and supplies, 2006

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