December 9, 2013   

Cambodian Village Fund--The Eyes Have It

A couple of weeks ago a 3-day “Eye Camp” was held in our village. Our friend, Denise McMahon, partnered with SEVA Foundation, an NGO that delivers eye care to third world countries. All the children and teachers in our Primary School were given eye tests and older villagers were examined for cataracts and other eye problems. For those who required glasses or treatment, the services were free. All families from the villages of Kaun Khlong and Prey Damrey were screened.

People needing glasses now have them. People needing surgery were taken to the hospital in Battambang. Because the hospital only has a few beds, our big group of about 30 patients slept on the concrete floor without mats, using their small overnight bags as pillows.

The first night, the medical staff prepared the villagers for surgery the next morning. After surgery, the patients stayed another night for observation by the doctors. On the third day, at 6:30 am, the patches were removed! When the doctors checked and released them, some ran outside to see the sky and plants and others looked at the wall to read signs again! There were lots of hugs and lots of joyful tears.

We give our heartfelt thanks to all who made the Eye Camp possible -- Supporters of the Cambodian Village Fund, Denise for her tireless work, and SEVA.

                                                                                                       Bill and Nancy

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