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A Note from Bill and Nancy
It's been 4 months since we returned home from Cambodia, but the work hasn't stopped. Our Reach for the Sky program has a new scholarship girl. The older scholarship girls saw a dentist for the first time and the younger girls went to Angkor Wat. Construction of a new classroom building at the Secondary School has begun and the Primary School has a new library. Two of our scholarship girls will spend September in San Diego, as part of a cultural exchange program. Our English Language program is thriving, with 250 students and 4 teachers. And all this is possible because of you, our supporters.
New Classroom for Secondary School
When we were in Cambodia in January we learned that Prey Touch Secondary School is overcrowded and in desperate need of repair. A large donation from a supporter was enough to begin a project to help. School administrators and community leaders met to decide what they needed. The Venerable Sovechea, the monk who helps with all of our projects, negotiated a contract with the same contractor who built the two classroom buildings at the Primary School. On June 1, construction began on the $30,400 three-classroom building. The building, which will house a new library, will be completed by the end of the year.
Scholarship Girls Go to Dentist
When we learned that none of our scholarship girls have ever been to a dentist, we made appointments at a new dental clinic for all of the girls living in Battambang. Each girl had a check-up, X-rays, and repairs. All of the girls needed work. Among 12 girls there were 48 fillings, 2 root canals, and 14 wisdom teeth extracted. Fortunately dentists in Cambodia cost less than in the U.S.--all the work was done for a little over $1,400. And the girl's smiles are brighter than ever.

New Fans and Lights for Primary School
The classrooms in Kaun Khlong Primary School now have new fans and lights. During April, the hottest month in Cambodia, average high temperatures exceed 100 degrees. So fans were a welcome addition for both students and teachers. We also added lights to each classroom so our 6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. English classes can be held in the classrooms.

Both the fans and lights require electricity. We brought electricity to the school in 2012, but we had to add circuits and wires to accommodate the fans and lights. Adding the electrical, fans and lights to 8 classrooms cost about $900.
Library for Primary School
Kaun Khlong Primary School has a new library. Located in the Siskowic Learning Center, which we opened in January, the library has all new books, book cases, desks, chairs, posters, maps and globes. The school gave us a detailed list of all the items needed for the library and their costs. All of the supplies were purchased locally in Battambang and loaded onto the Cambodian Village Fund tuk-tuk. The kindergarten teacher, whose classroom is next door, did a beautiful job of organizing the library. All of the supplies for the library cost slightly less than $900.
Trip to Angkor Wat
None of the younger scholarship girls (grades 7-10) had ever been to the world famous archeological sites near Siem Reap, including Angkor Wat, even though they are only a 3-hour drive from their village. Sinan, one of our English teachers, offered to take them. So Sinan, her husband and 10 of our Reach for the Sky girls piled into a van for the 3-day trip.

The trip was mainly to teach the girls about their rich cultural heritage. They all learn about the ancient Khmer civilization in school, but there is no substitute for seeing the temples in person. They went to Baray Lake, Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, and Kulen National Park.
Sarum, Our New Reach for the Sky Girl
Meet Sarum, our newest Reach for the Sky scholarship girl. Sarum is in the 7th grade at Prey Touch Secondary School. She graduated near the top of her class from Kaun Khlong Primary School last year. She's highly motivated, taking our optional Englsih classes while in 5th and 6th grades. Sarum applied for a scholarship last fall, but we didn't have the funding for another girl at the time. A few months ago a generous donor stepped forward and offered to sponsor her. Sarum's parents told us they don't have the resources to support her studies, but they know that if their daughter gets an education, she will have a chance at a bright future and break the cycle of poverty.
Cultural Exchange Program
We have arranged a cultural exchange program with two San Diego schools--The Bishop's School and Francis Parker School. Both schools will have student trips to Cambodia next year, Francis Parker in February and Bishop's in March. Both trips will go to Kaun Khlong Village and Battambang to meet our scholarship girls and participate in community service projects. As part of the cultural exchange both schools have invited two of our scholarship girls to visit them in September. We selected Sary and Sreysith, 11th grade students in Battambang. Sovechea, the monk who helps with our projects in Cambodia, will be their chaperone. All three will be guests in our home. They will have a busy schedule, attending classes, speaking at assemblies, meeting with students who will be going to Cambodia and attending receptions at Soroptimist International of La Jolla, Tierrasanta Kiwanis Club and Kensington Community Church.
Thank You for Your Support
Our work is made possible by donations from friends and supporters. New schools, road repairs, the English language program, water filters, and scholarships for 23 girls are not free. Last year we spent over $76,000. Less than $400, or .5% was for overhead. Both of us work for free. If you are able to help, we will put your support to good use. And remember, a little goes a long way.

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