Newsletter Winter 2015 
A Note from Bill and Nancy
Good News – the Cambodian Village Fund is moving ahead, full force. With the support of many people, we’re making a huge difference. Kaun Khlong Village has a brand new classroom building for the primary school; a rebuilt road that doesn't flood every rainy season; four teachers and 250 students in the free, voluntary English program; water filters for families in 8 villages; school uniforms for all the primary school children; and two new Reach for the Sky scholarship girls. Something’s working!
2015 Starts Off with a Bang
In January, we took two tour groups on a remarkable journey to Cambodia -- and came away with a deep, heartfelt connection with the gentle, fun-loving, hardworking, resilient Cambodians who never give up.

And we won’t give up either. They really need a new secondary school, which will cost $34,000. We're spreading the word. Voices of Women named the Cambodian Village Fund recipient of their International Services Award with a $2,500 prize. We are grateful to Voices of Women and will make the funds go a long way.
New School Dedication
The Sickowic Learning Center, a beautiful new 3-classroom building, was dedicated on January 12th. The school will house the new media center and language lab. It was named in honor of the Siskowic family who provided both financial support and encouragement over the past 3 years.

One of the tour groups was there for the school's opening celebration. With hundreds of students, parents, teachers, local officials and village residents present, we listened to speeches and cut the ribbon. We were surprised to receive a Medal of Honor from the Prime Minister of Cambodia for CVF’s work over the past 8 ½ years. We also learned that the Primary School campus is being renamed the Bill and Nancy Kaun Khlong Primary School. Afterwards, our group added a final coat of paint to one of the classrooms. It was a glorious day!

Click to see video of students.
Water Filters for Families
With the help of our first tour group, we distributed over 500 water filters to families in 6 villages. In 2013 we distributed filters to 800 families. That means 1300 families now have access to safe drinking water.

The easy-to-use ceramic filters, which are made in Cambodia, provide enough water for a family of 8. They eliminate the need to boil water for drinking and significantly reduce the incidence of water-borne illness. The filters, which only cost $13 each, are guaranteed for life.
School Uniforms for the Children
Our second tour group went to the “Bill and Nancy” Kaun Khlong Primary School to distribute gift packets to each of the 647 students. The packets included new school uniforms, a pair of shoes, notebook, pencils, a bar of soap, toothbrush and toothpaste. Afterwards we gave the students a party with plenty of sandwiches and ice cream bars.

This was the second time we distributed school uniforms. On our first visit to the village in 2008, we also distributed uniforms. Seven little girls who received uniforms have grown up and are now Reach for the Sky scholarship girls in grades 10 and 11.

Reach for the Sky Scholarship Program
The highlight of the trip to Cambodia was spending time with, and getting to know, our scholarship girls. We had a big party for them and their families in the village. Over 200 people came to enjoy dancing, singing with a Cambodian rock band, and eating lots of food. We also took the girls to the circus, an ancient temple and a bat cave. We now have 21 scholarship girls -- 11 in middle and high school and 10 at university. One of our university students goes to school in Phnom Penh. The others live in a house we rent in Battambang, about 20 miles from the village where they grew up. These girls are a delight and all of our travelers fell in love with them.
Our scholarship program is a big part of the Cambodian Village Fund. Keeping kids in school doesn’t cost much – and does it ever change lives. It costs only $400 a year for a middle or high school girl to continue her education. This pays for a bike to ride to school, school uniforms, English classes, school supplies and a small allowance. Expenses for a university girl are $1,400 per year and pays for rent, utilities, Internet, tuition, school uniforms, books, school supplies, and English classes. We also pay a small portion of the grocery bill (the girls cook all their own meals). The girls and their parents pay for most of the groceries and clothes. $1,400 a year is a bargain to send a girl to college. A college degree breaks the chain of poverty, gives a person a future and contributes to the national economy. Without education, Cambodia’s major resource goes untapped.

We need more sponsors to support the scholarship program. Most sponsors pay $300-$400 per year. This will pay the entire cost of a middle or high school girl or about one-quarter of the cost of a college girl. Sponsors get to know their girls through email, Facebook, and Skype. Some sponsors have even traveled to Cambodia and met their students first hand. As a sponsor, you will see the difference you’re making in a girl's life.

It’s easy to sponsor a girl. To learn more, go to the Cambodian Village Fund website. There you can learn more about the program details and donate online or sign up for a monthly, quarterly or annual automatic payment that will be charged to your credit card. If you think that one person can’t make a difference changing a life, sign up to sponsor a girl and see the amazing results.
New Classrooms for the Secondary School
When we were in Cambodia in January we visited Prey Touch Secondary School, where the graduates of the “Bill and Nancy” Kaun Khlong Primary School go for 7th-9th grade. The secondary school is grossly overcrowded and needs more classrooms. We have agreed to help by constructing a new 3 classroom building. The building will be similar to the one we just completed for the Primary School and will cost $34,000. We have received a generous donation from one of our supporters and are half way to our goal. If you would like to help make this new building a reality, we would greatly appreciate your support. You can make a donation on our website.
Making Improvements
We’ve updated our website. If you haven’t visited it in a while, please take a look. Also, please go to our Facebook page and click the “Like” button. We try to post news about 2-3 times a week. Facebook is a good way to keep up with our progress.

Our work is made possible by donations from friends and supporters. Whether you’re in Cambodia painting our new school with Sovechea, or at home, won’t you lend a hand?

Donate on our website paying by credit card or PayPal. Or send us check.

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