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Bicycles and Supplies, October 2006

Mao, Chanra’s sister, who lives in the village, compiled a list of the most needy villagers. Man Seourn, Chanra’s mother traveled to the village in October 2006 with $1,000 in cash (from our fund) tucked into her bra. In Cambodia, she bought bikes and essentials for these ten people and their families. The recipients were young and most of them orphaned. Not only did Chanra’s mother buy the goods, she also organized a festival for the entire village (and for several other surrounding villages). Man Seourn is one amazing woman. She worked very hard to stretch our funds. We only wish we could have been there to help.

List of items given to each person:
a brand new bike garlic
50-lb bag of rice MSG
1 bag of sugar a blanket
30 packets of noodles a mosquito net
6 bottles of soy sauce a sarong
6 bottles of fish sauce  

Each recipient wrote a thank you note which Chanra translated. Following is what we learned about them from their thank you notes.

Kan Man, 21, is a college student. His parents could not afford to take care of him so he lives with Chanra's sister where he does chores, including taking care of their pigs. Mon Gentun, orphaned. She is a 9th grader. She is the youngest with 4 brothers and 2 sisters. She lives with her oldest sister. They have no rice field or cows and no way to make a living. She wished us long life, prosperity and no enemies.
Sorn, orphaned. He is a 9th grader and very poor. He lives with an older sibling. He is very grateful for the gifts, but has nothing to give back. In return, he promises to study hard and become a good person and a model citizen in the village. Nun Vandad, orphaned. He is very thankful for the very big gift because now he can go to school.
Wait Nom, 17, is in the 7th grade and a “D” student. Mau Thyda, 18, orphaned. She is an “A” student in the 8th grade, but cannot go to school full time. She is living with an auntie who is very sick. There is no money for school. Purt Kontia is an A student and is very poor. She is happy to have the bicycle, which she will ride to school. Hang Kontia has no parents and is very happy to receive the gifts. She plans to ride the bike to school.
Vandy’s mother and father wrote the thank you letter and were very grateful for the gifts. His family can only have one meal per day, so he goes to bed hungry. Jake Ron, 12, is very poor. His father left the family and his mother was killed by lightning. He lives with his older sister (15) and brother (17). He fishes for a living and exchanges the fish for rice. He cried when he got the wonderful presents.

Chanra’s mother gives presents to Jake Ron at the village celebration.

Watch the Video

Click here to watch the video from Kaun Khlong Village, Prey Tauch,, Cambodia, and see how the donations were distributed.

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