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School Uniforms--January 2008

In January 2008 we distributed packages to each of the 720 children in the Kaun Khlong primary school. Each package contained a school shirt, a pair of flip-flops, a notebook and a pen. Each of the teachers also received a shirt. This was our first trip to the village, and what a wonderful experience it was. Here's Nancy's description:

(Notes from Nancy’s Journal) We had no idea what we were in for. The car pulled up along a dusty road and there they were, 720 cheering school kids lined up along both sides of the village’s main road. Bill and I were overcome with emotion and weak-kneed as we got out of the car. The school's headmaster, teachers and town dignitaries bowed, greeted us, and put orchid leis around our necks. They handed Man Seourn a bouquet of flowers.

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School uniforms-video
Click here to watch the 6-minute video of our trip to the village
We walked through 100 yards of excited, beautiful kids, along the side of the road. They came in a range of sizes – from 1st to 6th-graders. All of them were wearing their old, worn school uniforms that had been passed down from bigger brothers and sisters.

I’ll never forget that walk. Some of the children were jumping up and down and whistling. All were clapping and excited to see us. Nothing has ever touched me so deeply.

School uniformsPackages for each student
School uniformsSchool kids lined up

The little money we gathered and contributed seemed insignificant to us, but to those poor kids, living a world away, it brought the greatest joy. Tears flowed as we walked through the line. Even Bill choked up.

Click here to read Nancy's full account of our visit to the village.


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