Welcome to the Cambodian Village Fund

The Cambodian Village Fund started with a bicycle. Nancy wanted to buy a $40 bicycle for her hair stylist’s village back in Cambodia.  The villagers would share the bike to ride to the market, school, temple, and clinic.  More bikes and visits led to a deep bonding with the poor, hardworking village residents, many with little or no education.  

Our grass roots 501(c)(3), established in 2006, improves the lives of northwestern Cambodia youth by building schools, giving scholarships -- especially to girls -- and offering free English classes.  We also help improve roads, provide safe drinking water and conduct eye clinics. And we launched a youth soccer program for both boys and girls – including building a brand-new soccer stadium.

Many other charities are at work investing in some of the world’s most impoverished communities. The Cambodian Village Fund isn’t the biggest or the oldest of them, but we are definitely among the most focused on maximizing every dollar donated to personally make a difference, one school at a time, even one student at a time. We communicate with the students every week. We know their struggles and successes.

And we are breaking the cycle of poverty: ten of our scholarship students have graduated from college, 23 currently attend high school or college -- huge firsts for their families and community.

Five-hundred students attend our optional after-school English language classes. Thousands of primary and secondary school students go to class in our new, modern schools.  For the first time, hundreds of boys and girls have the opportunity to compete in soccer matches in the new Tim Sykes Soccer Stadium. Hundreds have had their eyes tested; and, if needed, now have glasses. And dozens of older villagers have had cataract surgery. 

Strong Cambodian connections and a commitment to responsible financial management, accountability and transparency have made the Cambodian Village Fund successful.  99% of our donations go directly to projects in Cambodia.  Our experienced, well-qualified directors and volunteers handle administrative tasks, project management, website development, newsletters, and graphics, without any remuneration, other than the joy of improving lives.  

One village official expressed his appreciation to us this way:

On behalf of the community of Kaun Khlong Village, I would like to express my deepest gratitude for your generous work.  Cambodia has been through a long period of darkness in our recent past.  Now we are emerging into the light.”


Mona’s Library Opens in Stoeung Chak Village

Every child deserves the joy of books.  The children in the rural villages of Cambodia have very limited access to books.  Families with incomes of $3-$4 per day cannot afford to buy books.  With the opening of Mona’s Library, packed with brand new, colorful books, the children can choose a book and take it home […]

Mona’s Fund – A Little Girl Lives On by Making Lives Better

Mona was only nine years old when a terrible accident ended her life. Friends and family wanted her adventurous, curious, and joyful spirit to continue to live on.  Mona’s mother, Silke, a longtime supporter of the Cambodian Village Fund, cherished Mona’s curiosity and her love for learning and for books. When people asked her: “How […]

Kaun Khlong-2020-05-05-6

Response to Covid-19

While there have been only 122 confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Cambodia (as of May 10), that doesn’t mean that the people are not suffering. The government has closed all schools, museums, concerts and many business. Rural families are suffering from loss of income and lack of food. Families who normally get by on a […]

Cheata Bookshop

Cheata Bookstore

Cambodian Village Fund scholarship student Socheata has a new business—selling books online. (It reminds us of how a well-known Internet giant got started.)  Socheata, a first-year college student, is attending two universities simultaneously.  She’s studying English Literature at Preah Sihanouk Raja Buddhist University-Battambang Branch (SBUBB) and also studying marketing at the University of Management and […]

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