Welcome to the Cambodian Village Fund

We are a tax exempt 501(c)(3), nonprofit, grass roots charity.  Our goal is to create lasting, sustainable, positive changes in the lives of rural Cambodian children who live in the villages of northwestern Cambodian.

We invest primarily in education by building schools, giving scholarships (especially to girls) and offering free English classes.  We also help the communities where the children live by improving roads, providing safe drinking water and conducting eye clinics.

Our efforts have been extremely effective.  When we started the Cambodian Village Fund in 2006, over half of the girls in the village dropped out of school after 6th grade.  We are happy to report that last year the dropout rate had fallen to near zero.  Even more amazing is that the girls in our scholarship program are graduating from college. Not only are they breaking the cycle of poverty, but they have become role models for others to follow.  They are improving the social, economic and cultural conditions in their villages and in the world.

We attribute our success to our strong Cambodian connections and our responsible financial management, accountability and transparency.  99% of our donations go directly to the projects in Cambodia.  The directors and volunteers cover all the administrative, project management, website development, newsletters, and graphics at no cost to the Fund.

We keep our fundraising costs low because of our loyal base of supporters. Together with our supporters we are making long-lasting and meaningful changes in the world.  We can clearly see the difference we are making as more and more Cambodian children grow up, become educated and have the skills that lead to economic independence.


Sophat_Sinat_0168 MAX

New College Graduates

We are very proud of our two newest college graduates, Sinat and Sophat, who just completed work on their Bachelor’s degrees in Hospitality and Tourism from Build Bright University. Sinat and Sophat have been best friends since growing up together in Kaun Khlong Village. Sinat (left in photo, above) became a scholarship student in May […]

Sothea and Sokny

Scholarship students headed to university

We are very proud of our two high school seniors who passed the national high school exit exam and will attend college. Sothea, who won our $200 prize for having the highest score, plans to study in Phnom Penh at the Cambodia Institute of Technology.  Sokny wants to be a teacher and plans to study […]


Brian Dean school almost finished

The Brian Dean Learning Center at Prey Touch Primary School is nearing completion.  This 3-classroom building, constructed at a cost of $37,000, was funded by Internet entrepreneur Brian Dean. The building, which will accommodate about 135 1st – 6th graders, will be finished for the beginning of the new school year on November 1. Thank […]


Scholarship girls get new laptops

Laptop computers are essential for all college students in Cambodia. First year college students, Sopheap (left) and Sreinoch, just received theirs.  Sopheap is studying accounting at the University of Management and Economics.  Sreinoch is currently in her foundation year at the University of Battambang and is also studying to become a mid-wife. They are both […]

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