RECH Bunthon
Bachelor's Degree 2023

Bunthon was born on 05 April 1999 and joined our Scholarship program in November 2014 when she was in grade 8. She graduated from Monivong High School in 2019 and Build Bright University in Battambang in 2023, with a major in Accounting and Finance. She works in sales for a mobile phone provider in Battambang. She lives in an apartment with two former scholarship students (Serynuth and Danit).

Her family is very poor because her mother is a widow and owns no land for farming. Bunthon's mother works but gets little money to support the family. The family's financial situation made it impossible for Bunthon to attend college without financial aid.

Bunthon believes that education is the key to a brighter future--"Education gives us everything such as job, critical thinking , the way how to solve problems, get more respect."

Now that she has a Bachelor's degree, Bunthon sends money home to her mother.