BOEURN Chamnan
Teacher Training Academy, Year 2

Chamnan was born on January 1, 2000 and joined our Scholarship program in October 2016, when she was in the 11th grade. After graduating from Moung Ruessei High School in 2018, Chamnan entered Build Bright University. In 2019 she won a scholarship to the Teacher Training Academy in Phnom Penh, which forced her to put her studies at Build Bright on hold.  She plans to resume the studies at Build Bright after earning her teaching credential.  She is an excellent student, making all A's and B's in her first year at Build Bright University.  Her father passed away several years ago. Her mother works in the rice fields, but makes very little money. Chamnan is an only child. In 2021, upon completing her teacher's training, Chamnan will teach kindergarten. Chamnan says that the Cambodian Village Fund scholarship will "make my dream come true".