PIV Mei Mei
Year 4

Born 9-August 1997, Mei Mei joined our scholarship program after graduating from high school in 2016, where she ranked 6th of 48 students. She was offered a scholarship to study banking and finance at the University of Battambang but didn't have money for living expenses.  Mei Mei is an excellent student with a B+ average.  Mei Mei works as an accountant at the We Care Drinking Water Company in Battambang.  She is the 3rd daughter in a family of 5 children. Her parents are farmers. Because of their age and poor health, they earn very little money.  Mei Mei married her high school sweetheart (also a college student) in July 2017, but is committed to completing her college education. Mei Mei receives financial help from the Gendercide Awareness Project.