PHOL Sameth
Year 2

Sameth joined our scholarship program in February 2023. She was born 22 November 2004. She is from Prey Touch Village and graduated from Sangke High School. Sameth was raised by a single mom because her father passed away when she was 2. She has an older sister who works in Thailand, sending money home for the family. The CVF scholarship allows Sameth to continue her education and help her family. In her spare time Sameth reads books and studies for school. She says, “I want to help poor students because I know how it feels when you badly want to study but can’t afford it.” Sameth studies Khmer Literature at the National University of Battambang. "I choose this major because I want to understand Khmer culture and civilization more clearly and want to share this knowledge with the next generation of Cambodian children." Her career goal is to be a writer.