Seyha, 2022

TREN Seyha
BA 2021

Seyha joined our Scholarship program in September 2012 when she was in the 8th grade. She was born on 15 August, 1998. She graduated with a Bachelor's degree in General Management at Build Bright University in 2021. Seyha teaches 3rd grade at Kilo Leik Buon Primary School, and also teaches at our after-school English language program in Kaun Khlong.

In 2014, Seyha lived in Thailand with her parents and missed the entire first semester of grade 10. She returned to school at the beginning of the second semester and finished the year in one semester, ranking 6th in her class of 65 for the year.

Seyha married her long term boyfriend, Chi Leang, in 2020. Chi Leang is a soldier in the Cambodian army.

Seyha takes great selfies--both stills and videos. Here's a video she made with the other 12th graders.