BA 2017

Sinat joined our Scholarship program in May 2011, when she was in grade 10. She was born 5 September 1995 in Prey Touch village, where her family has a small rice farm. After graduating from Sangke High School in 2013, Sinat entered Build Bright University in Battambang, where she studied tourism and hospitality. She received her Bachelor's degree in 2017. She is currently working as a Sales and Operation Coordinator at Apsara Tours in Phnom Penh.

Sinat says, my education has enabled me to be independent, confident, courageous and has given me more opportunities to find a good job and meet good, high education people. It has also given me critical thinking skills. With a good job, I can help my family and make my family happy especially my parents. I know they are so proud of me.