NOM Somchhay
Year 1

Somchhay became a Scholarship student in February 2023 after finishing high school with a grade of C on the National High School exam. She was born on 7 Jan. 2003 in Thailand, where her parents were working at the time. She is an only child. Somchhay’s mom passed away when Somchhay was 11. After that, she moved to Cambodia and was raised by a single father and other family members. She lived in Prek Tatan Viallge, Prek Preah Sdach Commune, Battambang province.

She dreamed of getting a Bachelor's degree and becoming an accountant, but didn’t have enough money for college. Somchhay says, “I want to work for a company in the future to feed my family and myself better.” Somchhay studies Accounting at the National University of Battambang.