ATH Sreinoch
Year 3

Sreinoch entered our Scholarship program after graduating from high school (4th in her class of 48) in 2016. She received a scholarship from the state to study at the Government Health Sciences School to become a nurse-midwife. Sreinoch comes from a very poor family. Her father was injured when Sreinoch was 3, when a tree fell on him. He is bedridden and can’t work or even feed himself.  Sreinoch says that one reason she decided to become a nurse is because she cared for him and thought of him as my patient.  This made her appreciate how important nursing can be. Sreinoch’s mother, who also has health problems, is the sole breadwinner for the family, earning money farming a small rice field and selling food along the road.  Sreinoch receives financial support from the Gendercide Awareness Project.