CHET Sreynuth
Year 4

Sreynuth joined our Scholarship program in the Fall of 2013, when she was in grade 7. Born on 27 June 2001, she graduated from Preah Monivong High School in 2019. Sreynuth is currently studying for her Bachelor's Degree at Build Bright University in Battambang, with a major in banking. She lives in our Dormitory in Battambang with the other scholarship girls.  She is the middle of three children in her family. Her mother is a subsistence farmer with a small patch of land. Her father is deceased. In a letter Sreynuth wrote, she pledged to "study hard, be a good child, good friend and good student." She expressed appreciation to the Cambodian Village Fund for helping girls in Cambodia have a bright future. Sreynuth is quite artistic. When she was in the 7th grade, she drew some pictures for us.