ROEUT Vongdy
Year 4

Vongdy joined our Scholarship program in August 2011, after completing grade 8. She was born 23 January 1997. Vongdy is in her fourth year at Build Bright University in Battambang, where she is studying accounting. She also teaches 1st grade at Prey Touch Primary School. During the week she lives with her mother in Prey Touch Village.  On weekends she stays at our Scholarship House in Battambang. She has 2 sisters and 2 brothers. Her mother is a school teacher. Her father passed away. Vongdy likes to garden and has created a beautiful flower garden in front of her mother's house. In a letter to her sponsor, Vongdy said, "I am very pleased to be chosen by teacher Vanna to get support for studying. My beloved mommy is also happy for me. Thank you very much for your kindness. I hope you will help me to continue my studies. I am determined and commit myself to study hard and get good results. I will not make your support to be useless. May you and your family be blessed with love, happiness and prosperity."